A workout like no other

One Three Six is a Strathbungo based studio delivering a combination of Boxing, HIIT & Yoga across small group classes to deliver a unique fitness experience

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one three six

A fitness studio focussed on making you feel your best
What is One Three Six?
One Three Six is a fitness brand offering small  classes, as well as 121 physical and nutritional coaching. Our signature class consists of 45 minutes of Strength, HIIT & Cardio designed to leave you feeling and looking your best! Try us for FREE today.

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Our Memberships

Premium service. No Contracts. No Joining Fee.

We also offer
Pay As You Go Options

One Three Six Package
Our signature membership
ONE Weekly PT Sesion
THREE Weekly Class Credits
SIX Days of Meal Planning
Our signature membership, the One Three Six package offers our highest level of support with daily comms to keep you motivated and dedicated
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Unlimited access to all  classes
Unlimited HIIT
Unlimited Boxing
Unlimited Yoga
Enjoy as many weekly classes as you like, no limits!
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Two classes per week
TWO classes weekly across HIIT, Boxing and Yoga
Attend two studio classes every week, more than enough to get you back into a healthy & happy habit
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Interested in 1-2-1 training?


in person training session per week


additional workouts planned in


meals planned in for the week
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Training Plans

Physical, Nutrional & Mental Health
Our personal training programme delivers a combination of physical and nutritional planning underpinned by daily and weekly check-ins to help you stay motivated, engaged and on-track

Personal Training

physical plans
for any and all

Nutritional Planning

meal plans catered
to your requirements

Regular Check-ins

We can touch base as much as you want & need - even daily, to keep you on track
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Follow a specific plan made just for you

Everyone is different, and we know it. That's why all of our clients get a programme specific just for their lifestyle and body tipe. This give the best possible results.

Understand how to do excercises properly

Just going to the gym and lifting weights won't make you healthy, after all it may even cause some harm to your body. We teach proper exercise techniques

Track your progress weekly

We're tracking your goal weight with body fat measures, weight and general feeling. You may have the same body weight but feel 10x better.

Learn to live a healthy life with fitness

Changing your lifestyle with a fast paced life may seem hard or impossible, but with small steps each week you can achieve your dream physique and live a healthier life.

Hi i'm Sandra Lyons

Your go to online fitness trainer and nutritionist.

After getting a bachelors in nutrition and fitness training I started working with people all around and changing their lives forever.

Online coaching

Get Moving

Make a change today

Premium online fitness classes & nutrition.

I’ve created these premium fitness classes for everyone starting from beginner to advanced level with an in depth FAQ to answer all doubts.

Premium classes

free classes

Make a change today

Transforming lifes with fitness & nutrition.

With free online classes people who don’t have the time or money to afford a personal coach can make change their lives forever.

free classes

What makes this system different?

When we designed one/three/six we started with the question 'why can't ordinary people have support 7 days a week?'

Our packages - remote and in-person - are designed to keep you motivated, active, and eating well throughout your course and beyond.

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How our personal training works


ONE in person training session per week with our founder Master Trainer targeting your specific objectives and goals


THREE additional sessions programmed for you to execute at home or in the gym based on what you have available to you


SIX days worth of meal plans for you in line with any and all dietary requirements, planned by a qualified Nutritional Therapist

Read our tips and tricks

We post a lot of free content around health fitness and general wellbeing. Make sure to check all of our posts down below.

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one three six


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Access to our yoga videos only
Unlimited Yoga
Unlimited HIIT, Strength & Cardio workouts
Unlimited access to recipe's and meal plan library
Unlimited tutorials & technique videos
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Perfect for the Yogi-bear enthusiast
Unlimited access to all  workouts
Unlimited HIIT, Strength & Cardio workouts
Unlimited Yoga
Unlimited access to recipe's and meal plan library
Unlimited tutorials & technique videos
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Access to our HIIT, strength and cardio videos only
Unlimited HIIT, Strength & Cardio workouts
Unlimited Yoga
Unlimited access to recipe's and meal plan library
Unlimited tutorials & technique videos
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Ideal for the occasional workout