Building physical & mental health

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The Training Plan

Remote training is broken. Invest the time, not the money.
One Three Six is personal training for free.
Yup. Free
Monthly workouts and meal plans, available to all.
No strings. No catch.

How does it work?

One Three Six is rooted in intention setting and accountability. The programme is designed to create a scaffolding on which you can build a healthier and happier version of yourself.

Simply put, you define what is important to you, and the One Three Six programme gives you access to the tools you need to achieve it.

Getting Started

Joining couldn't be easier, simply click below to set-up your account. Every month, you'll be sent a new plan which you can update, amend and design the way you want.

One Three Six Products

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XY by One Three Six

XY is a podcast about mental normalise in men, exploring the relationship they have with mental illness and why a disproportionate amount of men suffer in silence.

Through a series of conversations, our founder Euan looks to normalise the conversation around men's mental health.

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The Morning Pages

The Morning Pages is where you can find a host of OpEds, articles, blog posts and interviews centred on the topic of health & wellness.

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building physical & mental health